T -Therein, Dark Tranquility
E - Et Hvitt Lys Over Skogen, Burzum
D - Destroyer, Gorgoroth

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starlovesbats: Star :) 

S - September Omsider, Taake
T - Temple of Decay, Marduk
A - As the Wolves Howl Again, Enthroned
R - Rebirth - Gorgoroth

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A - A world to win - Gorgoroth
D - Deathcrush - Mayhem
A- A lost forgotten sad spirit - Taake (Burzum cover)
M- Myr - Taake

thank youu! :D

Anonymous: Perfect girl. 

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me an my dragon gf
  • me: baby ur so sexy
  • gf: I am as my father Akatosh made me, as are you, Dovahkiin.
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